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Hello there. I actually wanted to stop blogging about personal stuff long ago. But there has been a lot of stuff happening that shouldn’t have happened. So I came up with the totally unrelated idea to dedicate a bunch of songs to a bunch of people that mean a lot to me. Since I’m rather anti-social this will be a short post.

So well, the first one will go to my girlfriend. Yeah, After my completely failed relationship that led to some depressing posts on here I’ve finally fallen in love with a wonderful girl. I had a hard time thinking about a song for you, and you probably won’t like at all, but here it goes. I love you.

Okay, I think the next song will go to you Rio. I probably couldn’t be more happy and sad at the same time to have a best friend like you. I’ve heard you fighting with your girlfriend yesterday though so I think this song is a perfect fit for you. Don’t turn it down because of the title, but please let these words touch your soul.

Number three, and except the first two people this isn’t ranked anymore, is Lena, Rio’s girlfriend. I have a hard time choosing a song for you, but I guess this one will fit quite well.

Timmy my friend. You’re probably the funniest person in the universe. I need you to win in League of Legends, so this song is one I connect with you.

Ugh, Niels I don’t know what I should say about you. You’re a cool person and you’ve proven me  that you can go to the USA for a person you’ve met on the internet, so you’re my idol now. I don’t know any of your problems though because you never talk about them with me. I’ll just a put a funny song we’ve been listening to together.

Tascha, what is there to say about you. I’ve hurt you multiple times and still you’re the person I’ve known for the longest time of my life. You know you’d be my best friend if Rio wouldn’t have occupied that place probably forever. You’ve improved your own life drastically so this song is for you.

Hm it took me hours to finsih this post (literally) and it got way less depressing than I originally thought. This might be the influence of a very special person who has made me happy the whole time I was writing this. So long, see you soon.

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Gaming…Thursday? #8: From Dust

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Lots of you have been asking me why my delay on the 8th installment of my Gaming Saturday series is so long so here is my explanation paired with a new game…Wait what?…You didn’t ask me? You know what, just go to hell and never return, I’ll continue to write these no matter if you read them or just seek the noobish mistakes I make when writing English.

 Who of you hasn’t dreamed of being a got at least once? Having powers to shape the world anew? You know what, all of you should play From Dust right now. Why? Let me tell you!

In the newest god-game published by Ubisoft you play the role of the breath. An immaterial being that is able to move materials from one place to another. Of course you are in dept of the people who summoned you on their search for their ancestors and so you help them reaching their goals. The game is explained that simple yet it allows a deep gameplay especially in the later levels. You can tell your people to civilize around a totem forming something like a “base” for them. But first you have to make sure they will be able to reach it. There might be a stream of lava blocking the way. Do you want to build a bridge from sand so you can pass?. Careful the lava might find another way downtown, harming your village leading to the death of “your” people. Your people need to traverse the sea? Jellify all water and dig it out so they can walk on the ground of the sea while you laugh like a maniac, feeling like Moses…and then realise that the water will liquefy before the tribe reaches the other side, making the water-walls clash on them, leading to a certain death.

Playing god suddenly feels less enjoyable but really challenging when the beautiful yet fragile world gets faced by the cruelty of the nature. You always have to find the balance between creating a wonderful and functional world with your terraforming abilities and between creating something too fragile. Water washes the sand away and lava sets your whole world on fire if you don’t care, and you’re more likely to get caught by the cruel nature the nearer you get to the creation of utopia.

Besides the story mode there are also a couple of challenges but there’s one thing really missing in my opinion. Some sort of challenging endless mode . If you wish you can play any map endlessly but most get boring after about an hour because you solved every problem that might show up. Another missing thing is a really cool multiplayer mode, yet I have to say that I prefer a missing multiplayer to a really unworthy multiplayer mode.  Although some little flaws I really love this god-game that has a small touch of a physics-game.

Don’t forget to watch the videos people on youtube I provide you. Until next time, bye.

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Guild Wars 2: The Sylvari get their first own video

August 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Hello readers out there, I hope you’re a plant lover. No matter if you like gardening or to imagine weird stuff involving humanoid plants, you’re going to love this. Since Arenanet released the first informations about the completely new race of the Sylvari I was waiting for this moment to arrive. I was waiting for over two years now to finally know and see more about their background. Even though this video is going to only show you a little bit of the stuff they have to offer, I got completely hyped by watching it.

I don’t think I have to write more and wish you lots of fun while watching this awesomeness coming as a video.

Gaming Saturday #7: Ghost Trick

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Hey there, I know it’s not Saturday anymore by far but I actually don’t care at all. The League of Legends servers are down due to the Skarner-patch and I’ve been waiting for Skarner to be released for over three patches now so I’m too excited to play something else.

As you can already see by the box-art I posted, today’s game is called “Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective”. In Ghost Trick the player controls the ghost of the recently died Sissel. Sissel lost his life during a murder and lost his memory when he died. Unfortunately he can only travel through the world by using cores certain objects have in the ghost-world. But soon…with the help of a possessed desk-lamp he figures out that he has the powers of the dead and he uses those to save a girl named Lynne. His powers are described really fast but they offer deep gameplay. Sissel’s ghost is able to manipulate every object he currently possesses and by touching a dead human he is able to rewind the time to 4 minutes before the death occurred and then manipulate the surroundings to save the person that would have been dead.

I will stop talking about the  plot here because it is really to spoil the gaming experience if I say too much. The plot is written very well and you keep wondering yourself what is going on until the last chapter, sometimes it took only a split second to change the way I think that stuff has happened. At the beginning I had a motivation problem but after my friend Rio convinced to go on I trusted him and gave the game another chance. Suddenly I hit a point in the game where nothing made sense anymore and I really wanted to know everything so I didn’t stop playing anymore.

I think everyone out there who has the ability to play Ghost Trick should at least give it a try. Especially if you played and liked Ace Attourney/Gyakuten Saiban because Ghost Trick is produced by the same developer. The riddles in the game are sometimes challenging but easy enough to be manageable without a walkthrough. The plot is literally amazing and somehow makes sense in the end.
I’ll leave you for today with two trailers of Ghost Trick and wish you a lot of fun playing it on your own.

Until we meet again

The Butterfly Effect

February 18, 2011 1 comment

It’s been a long time since I wrote something here. My life is stuck and I don’t feel any progress so I didn’t feel like writing something into my blog. Yet today something really touched me and I have to share it with my readers. As the title already mentions it’s about “The Butterfly Effect”, not the one from the “Chaos Theory” but the film.

So I’ve seen this film today. What’s so special about that? I normally don’t watch any movies at all. But when I saw this one film is on TV some days ago, I recorded it since I couldn’t watch it in the middle of the night. Now, about 15 minutes after I’ve seen it I have to say it’s the best film I’ve ever seen in my life. To show you why I think so I should start explaining what the film is about, huh?

“The Butterfly Effect”  is very exciting and makes your mind dizzy at the same time. As a child, Evan Treborn, whos’ dad is in a psychiatry, has a lot of traumatic happenings. Unfortunately he has a blackout eveytime they happen, so he can’t remember what has actually happened. Not even a psychologist can’t figure out, why he can’t remember and they cant do anything against the blackouts.
When he is about 19 years old he discovers a way to review the time spans. He checks on his old friends if the thing he has seen now is what happened then and they tell him, that it’s absolutely accurate. After something bad happens(I don’t wanna spoiler), Evan figures out that he cannot only see what happened back then but he can change what he did back then. With best intentions he starts changing the past forming it as he wants. Even though he only changes small things, the future is changed dramatically each time he changes the past.

Without talking anything more I’ll serve you the trailer for this amazing movie and wish you a pleasant time until I write again.

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The wheels won’t stop

October 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Yo guys.  Long time no see! Which is actually my fault. I never felt like posting anything here, my life continues in the same old way it ever did…it follows Murphy’s Law. But well, whos life DOESEN’T follow those rules at least for a part of his/hers life. So I managed to walk through the city with a smile on face, just like in the good old days when I didn’t care about my future.

You don’t wanna know something about my life? Please quit reading and tell me what you don’t wanna earlier in the future.

As most of you know(at least the ones who follwed my blog), my lovelife is pretty fucked up. And I’m not talking about the “I can’t find a girlfriend”-behaviour. I actually have a girlfriend, who I really love. That’s sometimes even worse than being single. Especially when she’s gone since March 23 and cant really communicate with me. Actually our relationship was damned to fail from the start and I got warned a hundred times. The stupid me never listened and I had a really good time with her before she had to go.  She ensured me that she would be able to phone me, but she didn’t even responded to my SMS. In the first days after she left, I planned to search her witch an acquaintance, but we screwed the plan since the chance to find her wasn’t that big, and even if we could have found her, we wouldn’t have been able to do shit. As the time kept going I didn’t want to believe that she will be gone forever. Then after a long time of being alone I almost broke up with her in my mind. I couldn’t. I always imagined her in my mind. Her being sad. I promised at the beginning that I won’t be the cause of a breakup. All rational feelings aside, I kept on going waiting for her return, and I got gifted (by god?). She managed to talk to me for some minutes. Even if it’s not much, it helped to calm my feelings and bringing my feelings back to how they were. Since then we are only able to talk to each other once or twice a month for some minutes. And it doesn’t seem to change in the near future.

Everything else that goes wrong in my life seems small now, but I don’t know if I’ll ever write about them if I won’t now.
Simple thing: I have no friends. At least it feels like that. For about 3 or 4 years I changed my school/workplace/whatever about once every year, I hate the behaviour of most people around me. So over the time I made myself an outsider. Normally I’m OK with that. But there was this very guy who is in the same class like me. We were always together in school. He meant a lot to me, even though I have the feeling that I mean less to him. Whatever. He has to leave us because his grades aren’t good enough to go on further. So I’ll be the outsider I’ve ever been. Even though some people sometimes invite me to eat with them. So I think this might be much less worse than I feel it is.

A big thanks to all the people who read through this whole wall of text. At least you show some interest in my person. Oh, I never told you how I’m still able to smile. It’s not even a hard thing. Music. Music is the thing that never leaves me alone. That’s always with me. That makes me happy, when I wanna be happy, yet makes me sad, when I want to be sad.

Whew, I wrote a lot up there and I don’t know how long it will take, till I feel like posting again. Goodbye readers.

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Happy Birthday

July 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Who has birthday today you ask? Is it me? No it’s not.

I feel sick and down now.
My girlfriend has birthday today. I should be happy? No I shouldn’t!
I can’t see her today, and can’t phone her, there’s no way I could send her my wishes for the just started new year in her life. Why? I guess she won’t like it if I tell you, so I won’t.
It’s not even the last day I won’t be able to see her. It will go on 2 f*cking long years from now on. My mind always tells me to break up with her, but my heart and my conscience stop me to do so.

There’s only a tiny ray of hope. I’ll hopefully be able to talk to her from times to times but still it’s really hard when you can’t see a person you love for such a long time. Well, I’m in Teamspeak with some friends and I don’t wanna start crying now so I better stop writing now.

Cya in better times.

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